One's hat can be read as easily as a book. 

Our project is about the literacy of these encoded messages through the documentary medium.

"Identities of the Peruvian hat" is a feature film that deciphers the vernacular of Peru's living hat cultures. One’s hat speaks volumes about personal history, homeland, family and status.

Wool and straw- the two principle raw materials of the Andes are transformed in communities from Puno to Cajamarca with incredible artistry. This story is one of rituals, legends, rites of passage and conflicts that only a hat can transmit and only a documentary can convey.

Join us in this discovery.


Centro Gabriela Mistral (GAM), Santiago

28 de mayo
Patrimonio cultural de Chile

Women's International Study Center (WISC), Santa Fe

June 29th @ 6pm
International Folk Art Market

Blue Water Film Festival

June 5th @ 3:45pm
Water rights & environmental justice

Hats are calling to us from all corners of Peru, and we have been filming them one by one. Each hat represents a culture, an identity, a myth...

Click on a hat to learn its story